Release 9.0.0

  • Feature: Updated to Steamworks SDK 1.39
  • Feature: Improved Unity 4.7 and 5.5 support
  • Feature: Improved Steam Controller support
  • Feature: Added the ability to disable compiling by defining DISABLESTEAMWORKS
  • Changed: Made CallResult and Callback IDisposable.
  • Changed: Converted ISteamNetworking functions from IntPtr to byte[]
  • Fixed: null strings returned by Steamworks functions are now preserved. (Breaking change!)

Released on: February 21, 2017

Release 7.0.0

  • Feature: Updated to Steamworks SDK 1.34
  • Feature: Improved Unity 5.1 support
  • Feature: Added missing SteamContext accessors
  • Feature: Made the automatic code generator open source! Available here
  • Changed: Temporarily disabled DllCheck.Test
  • Changed: Steamworks.NET no longer protects you from Initializing once only. That has been moved into SteamManager.cs
  • Changed: Lots of little cleanup
  • Fixed: Callbacks no longer crash on Microsoft CLR (Non-Unity)
  • Fixed: Removed uses of ICustomMarshaler as it causes Unitys Mono to crash in rare circumstances
  • Fixed: Steamworks.NET no longer causes errors when building for unsupported platforms

Released on: September 1, 2015

Release 6.0.0

  • Feature: Updated to Steamworks SDK 1.32
  • Feature: Unity 5 64-bit Editor support
  • Feature: Expose the current active APICall Handle from CallResults
  • Changed: Added [Flags] to EHTMLKeyModifiers
  • Changed: Catch exceptions that happen within Callbacks/CallResults
  • Changed: HTML_ComboNeedsPaint_t & HTML_NeedsPaint_t.pBGRA from string -> IntPtr
  • Changed: Added [In, Out] attribute to all array arguments when P/Invoking (May fix some cases of corrupted marshaling)
  • Fixed: MatchMakingKeyValuePair_t when using more than 1 filter.
  • Fixed: ISteamHTMLSurface missing some of it’s parameters
  • Fixed: Callbacks crashing under Mono 3.2.7 and higher

Released on: February 19, 2015

Release 5.0.0

  • Feature: Updated to Steamworks SDK 1.31.
  • Feature: Increased support for Unity 4.6 beta and 5.0 beta.
  • Feature: Added the DllCheck class which can detect runtime steam_api.dll version issues.
  • Feature: Wrapped all function comments in <summary> tags to display them in the visual studio tooltips.
  • Fixed: Corrected two ISteamMusicRemote function arguments from ‘IntPtr’ to ‘AppId_t[]’
  • Fixed: Removed the readonly flag from copied files to play nicer with some version control systems. (Thanks @neophit)

Released on: September 11, 2014

Release 4.0.0

  • Feature: Updated to Steamworks SDK 1.30.
  • Changed: In SteamUGC.GetQueryUGCResult’s arguments changed ‘ref’ to ‘out’.
  • Changed: Redesigned SteamMatchmakingServers to provide a much better usage experience. This includes implementing gameserveritem_t, MatchMakingKeyValuePair_t, and the Steam Matchmaking Response Rules.
  • Fixed: Corrected SteamAppList.GetInstalledApps()’s arguments from ‘out AppId_t’ to ‘AppId_t[]’
  • Fixed: Added missing SteamMatchmaking.AddFavoriteGame().
  • Fixed: Corrected SteamNetworking.GetP2PSessionState()’s second argument from IntPtr to ‘out P2PSessionState_t’.
  • Fixed: A handful of IntPtr -> byte[] arguments in the following functions:
      * SteamUnifiedMessages.SendMethod()
      * SteamUnifiedMessages.GetMethodResponseData()
      * SteamUnifiedMessages.SendNotification()
      * SteamGameServer.SendUserConnectAndAuthenticate()
      * SteamGameServer.GetAuthSessionTicket()
      * SteamGameServer.BeginAuthSession()
      * SteamGameServer.HandleIncomingPacket()
      * SteamGameServer.GetNextOutgoingPacket()
      * SteamUser.InitiateGameConnection()
  • Fixed: The following GameServer functions which have default arguments had the wrong codegen resulting in a crash. This is now resolved. (Thanks to Nelson Sexton of Unturned for the report!):
      * SteamGameServerUtils.GetEnteredGamepadTextInput()
      * SteamGameServerNetworking.SendP2PPacket()
      * SteamGameServerNetworking.IsP2PPacketAvailable()
      * SteamGameServerNetworking.ReadP2PPacket()

Released on: July 27, 2014

Release 3.0.0

  • Feature: Updated to Steamworks SDK 1.29a.
  • Feature: Steamworks.NET now throws an exception if Steamworks is not Initialized when calling interface functions.
  • Feature: We now throw an exception when interface functions are called on non-supported platforms. (Like Mobile)
  • Feature: 64Bit OSX (Universal) is now supported!
  • Feature: Included all of the Steamworks global functions in NativeMethods.
  • Feature: Callbacks and CallResults can now be dispatched to multiple functions.
  • Changed: Completely reworked the Callback/CallResult backends.¹
  • Changed: CallResult::Set() can now take a delegate function. You are no longer required to set one when you create the CallResult. (Like the C++ API)
  • Changed: Removed the Linux Launch Scripts as they are no longer needed!
  • Changed: Statically linked to the Visual Studio runtime so the VS2010 redistributable is no longer required!
  • Fixed: The second last argument in SteamUserStats.GetDownloadedLeaderboardEntry changed from out int to int[].
  • Fixed: Resolved a memory corruption issue with UGC tags.
  • Fixed: Some lesser used Callback structs were the wrong size on some platforms resulting in corrupted results.
  • ¹ This required an API Change.
  • Upgrade Instructions:
    • Find all usages of “new Callback<>();” in your code.
    • Replace each use with “Callback<>.Create()”.
    • Additionally you must now store the Callback<> returned by Create() so that it does not get Garbage-Collected.
    • This results in the following:
      class YourClass : MonoBehavior {
        protected Callback<UserStatsReceived_t> m_UserStatsReceived;
        void OnEnable() {
          m_UserStatsReceived = Callback<UserStatsReceived_t>.Create(OnUserStatsReceived);
        private void OnUserStatsReceived(UserStatsReceived_t pCallback) {

Released on: June 26, 2014

Release 2.1.0

  • Improved the Steam types so that they are all Comparable and Castable
  • Made SetWarningMessageHook easier to use
  • Fixed Regression caused by marshalling structs as return values on Unity’s Linux Mono
  • 64 Bit support on both Linux and Windows (Steam does not provide a 64bit OSX dylib!)

Release 2.0.0

Steamworks.NET 2.0.0 provides some rather large changes most notable being:

  • Reorganized folder structure (If you were using gitmodules to pull Steamworks.NET into your Plugins/ folder then that will no longer work.) (This is due to the Editor scripts and Standalone project being included)
  • All comments/documentation from the C++ headers are now replicated in C#.
  • Included 3 Editor scripts that improve the ease of installation and ease of building.
  • Created a standalone project for non-Unity based games.
  • Many Improvements to the automatically generated wrapper.
  • Included SteamGameServer_* free functions
  • Updated Steamworks to 1.28
  • Redesigned the CallResult API to end up even closer to the C++ API

Released on: February 18, 2014

Release 1.1.0

  • ?

Released on: February 7, 2014

Release 1.0.1

  • ?

Released on: January 6, 2014

Release 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Released on: December 6, 2013